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i. Our line of internet protocol television ("IPTV") set-top boxes integrate Internet, multi-media, and communication technologies, providing residential customers with high definition digital multi-media service, and extensive freedom to choose video programs offered by the network video providers on broadband IP network. These devices allow consumers who subscribe to television service from multi-channel video distributors to access encrypted digital video and audio content and make use of a variety of interactive applications. These applications include an on-screen interactive program guide, pay-per-view offerings, games and shopping and parental control.

ii. In addition to the functionality of a basic digital set-top box, these devices enable subscribers to pause, stop, reverse, fast forward, record and replay live or recorded digital television content using a built-in hard drive capable of storing up to 200 hours of content. They also include the ability to support video-on-demand services. Our devices also enable subscribers to access the enhanced picture quality and sound of high-definition content, in addition to the functionality of a standard-definition digital set-top box.